Important tips on horse barn makeovers

Important tips on horse barn makeovers

Interior view of old farm stable, Worcestershire, England.

Many homeowners choose to tear down barns instead of simply giving them a makeover. While a complete strategy of construction is still a good idea, barn renovations are a great way to go because they give you the chance to part with what you do not need while retaining some aspects of space and design from your old barn. You can save money doing your own tear downs with a 10 yard dumpster rental or junk crew. Here, you are not trying to transform your horse barn into something else; you are simply trying to make the exterior more appealing and the interior classier and more comfortable. Renovating is also a great way of re-using materials rather than dumping them. This piece offers insights into the remodeling of your barn and throws in a few ideas on the process of adding new horse stalls to an existing ban.

Tips for horse ban renovations

Have a firm idea of what in your mind

Here, you will need to know that once you get started on the barn, you cannot go back on an agreed design because it will waste everybody’s time and resources. To get an idea, visit friend’s barns and see what elements they have implemented. This is not exactly your run of the mill remodeling project, so a do-it-yourself approach may not be the best way to go. This however depends on the level of remodeling you want to implement. Minor changes will not need experts but if you intend to go to the extent of excavating, then you need a professional.

Keep measuring

Do not build footers and alleyways before carrying out extensive measurements. In fact, do not do anything if you do not have the measurements right. You do not want your 12×12 feet-a-stall plan to wind up shrinking to a 10×12. If your stalls wind up smaller than planned, you have a major space issue to grapple with, and you will have a huge problem fitting in other structures like steps.

The demolition aspect

If you are tearing down large parts of the barn, consider the fact any new materials used will need to complement the current constitution. A good remodeling idea would be to throw in interlocking mats for the stalls if you do not have them already. If your budget allows it, fix in some carriage bolts to hold the mats in place. All you need to do to achieve this effect is to drill the bolts solidly in. If you intend to dispose of any materials, make use of rental dumpsters as they are great at that part of the job.

Adding new stalls to an existing barn

So, you intend to buy a new pair of horses and you are thinking that you might need new stalls. Your level of success here will again depend on the space you have. If your new stalls go below 8×12 feet, then you are leaving too little wriggle room and freedom for the animals. Keep in mind that at the end of the project, you will need to leave some space for stall doors on one end and the exterior doors at the other end. Do not fall into the common temptation of trying to do too much with too little space to work from. Find some rental dumpsters if you want to make the whole project easy; they come in quite handy.